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Suggestions from local shops!

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Furano local experience tours! urespa+furano for winter!

Do you have any plans for Furano trip?? Where? what's to do? What's waiting you??? Here is great opportunities for your next adventure in Furano! We are offering local experience tours! All of ..

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Furano Ski Resort

Furano ski resort 2016 - '17 lift ticket online service now on sale!!

You can get reasonable Furano Ski Resort lift passes through online service. Please visit our official Furano ski resort website following link. Super discount price! 4 'one day lift pass' tick..

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Grape Juice Factory & Information Centre

Furano Grape Juice Soft Serve Icecream

You can download a discount ticket here!

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Flying Dolphins Adventure Service

Rafting, Canyoning, Ducky, Canadian canoeing

Flying dolphins rafting, canyoning, ducky, canadian canoeing services will start on April 29. Please make the best smile and memories at the beautiful river, lake. We will support you with full po..

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Furano Live Camera

Furano Live Camera

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Glass Forest in Furano

"SHIBARE" frosting glassware

"SHIBARE" frosting glassware is the special handblown glassware designed to look like developing frost inside. The glassware was designed with the image of diamond dust of snow seen in the coldest ..

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Flower Box "L'ecrin Flower" hands on workshop

Experience L'ecrin Flower in a Hands-on Flower Art Class!

The summer in Hokkaido is short, but during those few precious months, the flowers here flourish and blossom strongly and beautifully. Now you can create an art out of these flowers, almost permanen..

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Kaze-no Garden(Windy Garden)

'Kaze no Garden' has a million visitors!!

We got a million visitors on July 9! A ceremony was held at the entrance of the garden, lucky guests who come from Aichi Prefecture, they got small gifts from a presenter, Soh Kuramoto (a writer fo..

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Hokuryo ;Furano estate construction

House Expo Furano

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