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Multi-Day Lift Tickets in Furano

A lot of people ask about multi-day tickets at the Furano Ski Resort, so here is a brief explanation of how the system works.

Multi-Day tickets are available for periods of 2-10 days. There are no discounts offered, no refunds, and no changes once the tickets have been purchased. Also, please note that the tickets must be used consecutively, there are no "days off." So, if you want to take a day off from skiing, then you need to buy your multi-day tickets accordingly (e.g. 1 x 3-day pass, day off, then 1 x 4-day pass).

The main benefit of buying a multi-day ticket is that you avoid waiting in line at the ticket counter every morning to buy your day ticket.

The other benefit is a special provision for 5+ and 8+ day tickets to ski at other nearby resorts. For a 5+ ticket, one day can be exchanged for a ticket at either Kamui Ski Links or Tomamu Ski Resort. For an 8+ ticket, one day can exchanged for each resort (total of two).

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