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2016-2017 Transportation Timetables

The following links connect to two PDF versions of the most comprehensive timetables for transportation in, out, and around the Furano area. The timetable includes the following:

Buses going between...
> Asahikawa <==> Furano (Lavender Bus)
> Furano Station <==> New Furano Prince Hotel (Evening Shuttle)

> Asahikawa <==> Furano <==> Obihiro (North Liner)
> Sapporo <==> Furano (Furano Express / Hokkaido Resort Liner)

> Kami-Furano <==> Tokachidake Hot Springs
> Asahikawa <==> Biei <==> Blue Pond / Shirogane Hot Springs

Trains going between...
> Asahikawa <==> Furano <==> Ikutora
> Takikawa <==> Furano <==> Ikutora

*Regular/local transport for Furano
*Bus Liners require advance booking
*Transportation to attractions outside Furano
**Please be aware that the JR trains between Furano and Tomamu (the Nemuro Line) are cancelled until further notice. Due to the heavy rains in the 2016 typhoon season, the tracks are uneven and are still under repair. We will make an announcement when we know the dates of the train line opening again.

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