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Karaoke Snack -- Dream House Kingyo

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Dream House Kingyo (Goldfish)
Karaoke-Snack Bar

The best sound and stage in Furano!

If you are a karaoke fan, this is the place for you!
We have a stage, dance area, and room for 100 people.
We are usually a karaoke-snack bar, but occasionally hold events as well.

Join us for "KINGYO OPEN MIC NIGHT" on the 2nd Saturday of every month.

Become a star and sing live on stage in Japan, the home of karaoke!
Sing some songs, laugh, and enjoy yourself!

Karaoke: 1 song, 100 yen


Set charge: 1,300 yen (covers 1st drink + snacks)

Subsequent drinks as listed below:

Draft beer 700 yen, Whiskeys 700 yen, Sake 600 yen, Shochu 700 yen
Sour white brandy with soda 700 yen, Cocktails 700 yen
Soft drinks 500 yen

Area Furano
Address Maruhachi Satou biru 1F, Hinode-chou 12-23, Furano-shiMAP
Telephone Number 0167-22-3956
Business Hours 8:00PM until 2:00AM closed Mondays
Karaoke Options available
Suggestions from local shops!


Karaoke Snack -- Dream House Kingyo

Kingyo Open Mic Night enjoy 2nd Saturday

Enjoy 2nd Saturday! (2/8 20:00-26:00)

Come perfom on stage and share your hobby or musical talent. dayOn the second Saturday each month, it's Open Mic Night at Kingyo.

If you come to drink and decide you want to do something in public, do not hesitate to ask the Kingyo's owner.

For example, you can play the guitar, dance, sing karaoke, do some magic tricks, or even a comedy routine! Jam sessions are also welcome. Event notification is also ok.

On every 2nd Saturday, the bar will sell only shots. Other days, the bar will offer their regular menu.

We have the following instruments available for you to borrow: 2 electric guitars, 1 bass guitar, 3 acoustic guitars, 1 keyboard, and electronic drum set

「ドリームハウス金魚」新企画名 『KINGYO OPEN MIC NIGHT』・enjoy 2nd saturday

「ドリームハウス金魚」新企画名 『KINGYO OPEN MIC NIGHT』・enjoy 2nd saturday

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