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Factory and Studio Tours

Grape Juice Factory & Information Centre


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Furano grape juice is
made from 100 % local
grapes without added
Try a cone of our grape
juice soft serve
icecream - we use
Furano grape Juice!

Area Furano
Address Shimizuyama, Furano-shiMAP
Telephone Number 0167-23-3388(ふらの観光協会)
Access from nearby station About 4km from JR Furano Station, about 1,400 yen by taxi
Map Code
349 060 759
Business Hours 10:00AM until 4:00PM open from Jun through september
Credit Card Use
American Express Diners Master Visa Jcb 銀聯
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Grape Juice Factory & Information Centre

Furano Grape Juice Soft Serve Icecream

You can download a discount ticket here!

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