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Sightseeing Farms and Orchards

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Furano's Melon Shop
Furano area
Watermelon,Direct Marketing/from produce area,Catalog Shopping,Melon,Corn on the cob

Address Yamabe-chou higashi 16 sen 15 banchi, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-42-3513 (大島農園)

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Yoshida Farm
Furano area
Furano Melons, Ice cream, Watermelon, Corn

This local farm just south of Furano grows melon, sweet corn, watermelon, potatoes, and makes their own original melon ice cream, which you can purchase in a melon bowl. You can also pay to go into the gre..

Address Yamabe Higashi 13-sen 12-banchi, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-42-3187

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Farm Tomita
Nakafurano area
Aroma Therapy,Gardens,Dry Flowers,Lavender,Souvenirs,Original Goods,Cafes,Curry,Sweets/ Pudding,Soft Cream/Parfaits,Croquettes,Buttered Potato,Burger,Book,Stationary,Gift,cosmetics

Lavender flowers and other colourful flowers are at their best in the vast natural fields. Even in the middle of winter, lavender flowers can be viewed in the warm greenhouse.

Address Hokusei, Nakafurano-chou

TEL 0167-39-3939

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Hoshini Tegatodokuoka Campsite
Genghis Kahn (lamb and vegitables),Soft Cream/Parfaits,BBQ,Campsites,Handmade goods crafting experince,Group Tour,Study Abroad

This camp site is a 15 minute drive from JR Nakafurano Station. Located in quiet setting with beautiful natural scenery, this campsite offers a relaxing getaway. There are Lavender & sunflower gardens, some g..

Address Beberui, Nakafurano-chou

TEL 090-1302-1422

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Flower Land Kamifurano
Kamifurano area
Pressed Flowers,Gardens,Dry Flowers,Tractors,Flowers,Lavender

Pretty flowers bloom one after another from May until September. The farms choice of flowers ensures a long flowering season. This enables guests who come at anytime during the non-winter months to be able to..

Address Nishi 5 sen Kita 27 gou, Kamifurano-chou

TEL 0167-45-9480

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Biei area

Address Shinsei Dai 3, Biei-chou

TEL 0166-95-2758

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Oohashi cherry-Blossom


TEL 0124-23-0654

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