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Ningle Terrace
Furano area
KITANOKUNI KARA,Souvenirs,Original Goods,Glass,Catalog Shopping,Craft making

Ninguru Terrace is a beautiful collection of boutique cottages, housing specialty arts and crafts along with their creators. The creators sit there in the shops displaying and making more of their products as..

Address New Furano Prince Hotel nai, Naka-Goryou, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-22-1111

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Furano area
Stage Plays,Kaze no Garden,KITANOKUNI KARA,Yasashii Jikan,Work Shop,Theater-going,SOU Kuramoto,Furano Cram School,Furano Group,Sightseeing,Experience

Address Gakuden 3 ku, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-23-4245

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Furano Lifelong Learning Centre & Furano museum
Nature Observation ,Science Museum,History

The Furano Permanent Study Center, located in Furano city Yamabe area,There are 8 different corners to display the Nature, History and People of Furano, There is also a corner to Inform people of the late Nob..

Address Yamabe higashi 21 sen 12 banchi, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-42-2407

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Furano Tourism Centre
Furano area
Lavender,Sweets/ Pudding,Flower Garden,KITANOKUNI KARA,Nature, Harvest Experience,Drama Filming site,Ski area,Omlette Curry

Furano domestic group tour specific information,selling various travel goods, 2 internet accessable compters (free) Operating under "The domestic travel brigade industries regulation 3-547" Furano area Visito..

Address Next to JR Furano station, Hinode-chou 1-30, Furano-shi


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Mt. Furanodake and Genshigahara Wetlands
Mountain Climbing,Trekking,Alpine Plants,Genshigahara,Ninguru Forest

You can climb up Mt. Furano dake enjoying trekking through spectacular scenery. Genshigahara Wetlands has two routes the 5hrs and 20min. (3hrs and 50min. down) and the Taki /Waterfall Course a 4 and a half..

Address Furanoshi

TEL 0167-39-2312(富良野市役所商工観光課)

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Furano area
Ski,Mountain Climbing,Trekking,Shin Furano Prince Hotel

There are 3 ways to get to the top of Furano nishidake Moutain (1331.1 Meters). The first is to walk along the mountain stream for around 3 and a half hours (3 hours downhill), from the old road number 5 bus ..

Address Naka-Goryou, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-39-2312(富良野市役所商工観光課)

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The University of Tokyo's Botanical Forest
Sakura,Sakura Festival,Arboretum

Here can be seen about 300 kinds of various Northern-based trees from around the world. Research forests planted by The University of Tokyo in 1899 (Meiji 32), whilst defending from deforestation and making s..

Address Aza Yamabe Dai 1 Naeho, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-42-2111(東京大学北海道演習林事務所)

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